The Sisu Scents Story

We've been burning the midnight oil for a long time

We've experienced it all: the late nights, the early mornings, the crazy deadlines, and the crushing weight of responsibility. But thanks to candles, we somehow managed to keep going—all while maintaining our sanity and sense of humor.

When things got tough, we would light a candle, and we noticed it was the one thing that soothed our souls and made us feel better. We don't know what it is about them, but they always made us feel like we could handle anything life threw at us.

That's why we started sisu scents: a line of coconut-soy candles that bring that same sense of energy into your home.

When you need to keep going, a sisu candle will light your way

Our luxury home fragrances, inspired by the Finnish concept of "sisu," represents inner strength and perseverance; they calm your mind, revive your spirit and make you feel good. So no matter how hard life gets, you can get through it with a little sisu.

Thoughtfully made for you & your home

The tantalizing aromas of our sisu candles will get you in the mood to be your best self. As you get ready for the day, unwind in the tub, read a book, or get ready for bed, lighting one of our candles brings a little more peace of mind.

Every candle is hand-poured into beautiful, reusable glass jars that blend in with any decor. They are paraffin-free, clean-burning, vegan candles with unbleached cotton wicks that support your well-being.