The Importance Of Work / Life Balance

The Importance Of Work / Life Balance

When we talk about balance, it insinuates a sense of calm and serenity within one’s life. Someone with a balanced lifestyle makes time for work and play. There’s equal time for replenishing your body’s energy and for using that energy. So, how can we go about finding this work/life balance if it’s not already a part of our life? It’s all about having an easy-to-follow routine that includes time for self-care, socializing, and work. You need time to rest in order to thrive when you’re taking time off.


Similarly, you need time to do nothing in order to make your work time productive. Read on for some easy-to-implement steps to add to your routine for a balanced lifestyle. Do nothing when taking time off - stop feeling guilty for doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what our brain needs to refresh and reset. During the week, however busy you are, take some time to yourself to do nothing. This could mean lighting a candle and sipping your coffee while letting your mind wander, or even spending a few extra minutes in bed letting your mind travel as you take in the energy of the day. Whatever you do, make sure it’s guilt-free. We were not made to be busy 24/7.


Take Care Of Your Body

When you wake, take time to treat your body with love. By adding an extra five minutes to your morning routine, you can make time to do a proper skincare routine and wake your body up calmly. Practicing serenity during this process will add to the repairing effect. Your morning routine should almost be meditative - light a candle and let the scents influence your mood as you wake up your body and mind.


Create A Healthy And Supportive Work Environment

When you begin your workday, especially when working from home, ensure you’ve made a space for yourself. Creating a calming work environment will keep your mind feeling uplifted throughout the day and ensure that the time you’re on the clock is the most productive. Curating the items you surround yourself with will help you stay positive and in a clear mental state while working - lighting a candle can improve your mood and the scents can take you to a happier place while you’re stuck at work.


Give Yourself Time To Wind Down

When the workday is done - do something that makes you happy. You need to counter the loss of energy at work by doing something to replenish your mind and spirit. Depending on whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, the way you replenish your energy can look very different. Do whatever brings you joy - that could be taking time to be alone and enjoy your own company or heading out to drinks with friends to let off some steam!


Settle Into Your Home

When you find your way back home after a busy day, treat yourself to some ambient lighting and create a relaxing space to settle down for the night. Light a candle, turn on some tunes and put your feet up.


In the age of working from home, it’s more important than ever to create calming spaces to allow your mind to switch on and off from work. We can begin separating our work and living spaces by associating tasks with relaxing or energizing scents, even when they exist together. That is what we call balance.

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