Sisu Scents's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For The Fragrance Lovers In Your Life

Sisu Scents's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For The Fragrance Lovers In Your Life

The holidays are a time for giving and spending time with family and friends. As you're doing your last minute gift shopping, here's a little help from all of us here at Sisu Scents. We've curated some of our best-selling luxury products that will be perfect for any fragrance lover or candle enthusiast in your life. 

They also make great gifts for co-workers, friends, or even yourself.

Shine A Light On Their Individuality: Sisu Scents's Variety Of Choices

Because our candles come in such a wide variety of scents, they’re also perfect for any gift-giver looking for that extra bit of personalization.

A Little Something For Everyone:

For The Romantic...Dancing In The Room

The Dancing In The Room candle is perfect for the romantic in your life because it's a celebration of love and connection, of passion and excitement. The scent of this candle is soft and inviting, but also deeply sensuous—it evokes images of dancing in the rain with someone you care deeply about. If you're looking for a gift that really says "I love you," this candle is it.

For The Homebody...At Ease / After Hours

The homebody is a lover of comfort, peace, and quiet. They love to curl up with a good book or a movie, but they also enjoy the simple pleasures in life like cooking and baking. With the offering of At Ease and After Hours you’re giving them what they’ve always craved, a sense of security and serenity.

For The Night Owl...Night Light 

The Night Light candle is perfect for the Night Owl in your life; it’ll remind them that there's no need to rush through life. It's okay to take things slow, and sometimes you don't need to be awake at all hours of the night—you just need a little light.

For The Nature Lover...The Magic 

The Magic candle is perfect for the Nature Lover because it represents a magic that only nature can offer: the power to heal, to nourish and to bring light into our lives. With notes of pine and rosemary, this candle will warm up any room, bringing with it a sense of calm and tranquility.

For The Conscious Creator...Beautiful Whisper / Early Morning 

If we know anything about the Conscious Creator personality type, it's that they're all about making sure things are "right." They believe in creating a world where people can thrive, and they want to use their gifts to help others do the same.

So when you give them Beautiful Whisper or Early Morning as a gift, you're giving them not only something beautiful but also something that will remind them of how awesome they are—and how much good they can do in the world.

For The Island Dreamer...Good Night 

The Good Night candle is perfect for the Island Dreamer in your life because it has all the things they love: A refreshing scent that reminds them of the ocean, packaging that’ll make them feel like they're on vacation, even if they're at home & a weightless, feathery texture that’ll make them feel like they're floating on water.


For The Meditator...Inhale Exhale / Fresh Focus

The Inhale Exhale and Fresh Focus candles are perfect for the meditator. It encourages mindfulness and balance. Inhale Exhale is a blend of sandalwood, palo santo, sage, and smoky vetiver to help them focus on their breath and find peace within themselves.


The Gifts That Keep On Giving: How We Protect Your Loved Ones Health Through Our Processes

Did you know that our candles are hand-crafted using premium coconut-soy wax? Coconut-soy wax burns cleaner and more efficiently than paraffin wax, which is not only good for the environment but also better for your health. In this day and age, it’s important to think about what we put in our bodies…and what we are offering to others as gifts. Soy is a renewable resource, so it’s better for the environment than other types of candle waxes.

The best part is that our candles smell amazing without all that toxicity. We use only premium fragrance oils with pure essential oils to create those fragrances that will bring joy into your life or someone else’s life this holiday season.


We hope that these our candle recommendations give you and your loved ones exactly what you've been wishing for this Christmas. If you have any questions about our candles, simply shoot us a DM at @sisuscents, or feel free to comment and say hello anytime. Keep in touch because we have so many more upcoming products to discover. 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and the best that life has to offer!

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