Mastering The Art Of Showing Up

Mastering The Art Of Showing Up

I recently came across an idea while listening to an audiobook of Atomic Habits by James Clear. The messaging of this book is all about building good habits and breaking bad ones. I was inspired by the idea of simply showing up and how such a basic task could be the catalyst for all positive endeavours in your life. This idea of mastering the art of showing up outlines the importance of a ritual to begin the process of work or rest.

When making our candles, we always had the idea of creating a ritual in mind. To us, the simple act of lighting a candle goes so far beyond just that - it is a symbol of relaxation, memories and motivation. Establishing small rituals can motivate us throughout so many areas of our life - from personal growth, to work productivity and beyond.

Our favourite candle for a morning ritual is Sisu Scents ‘Early Morning”. We formulated this scent with floral and citrus scents of freesia, water lily and bergamot, to enliven the senses and encourage an awakening of both body and mind. As you begin to master the art of showing up, begin by spending two minutes a day taking in the energy of the candle. See how it awakens your mind and prepares you for the day ahead. Over time, small daily rituals like this can grow into larger routines. This is such a simple hack to incorporate more positive habits into your life. Not only that, it’s also an ideal way to begin mastering a new skill.

When working from home, settling down and deciding to show up for your job can be incredibly difficult. But, the more you ritualise the beginning of a process, the easier it will become to revert back to a state of deep focus every time you’re on the clock for work. In order to find focus, I love lighting the Sisu Scents “Fresh Focus” candle. It refreshes and energises the mind, boosting productivity with notes of lime and Sicilian lemon, combined with floral notes of royal jasmine and lemon flower. Just as warming up to work-out gets athletes into the right state for optimal performance, adopting a creative ritual before settling down to work can make it quicker and easier to revert into the flow state needed to create great work. Consistent habits are key to a sustainable routine.

When it comes to winding down after the day, nighttime rituals often come into play. Our favourite time to light a candle is after work, while the night is young and we are enjoying the wind down after a busy day. A consistent ritual of ours is lighting the after hours candle to symbolise the end of work. With our blend of bergamot, peony and patchouli, after hours is a comforting scent that gives the feeling of coming home, whilst keeping the vibes high. You may not be able to instantly wind down from work, but lighting a Sisu Scents candle can be the first mindless step you take in the right direction. Lighting candles throughout the day makes it easy to start rituals, whilst encouraging you to follow them the more consistent your routine becomes.

By taking two minutes a day to establish a ritual, whether that’s to wake up, settle into work, or wind down from the day, you will gradually become better and better until one day, the ritual becomes routine.

Want to incorporate our scents in your daily rituals, Here’s the list of sisu scents mentioned in this post - all are part of our essential collection:

Sisu Scents - Fresh Focus ( Lime / Sicilian Lemon / Royal Jasmine / Lemon Flower )

Sisu Scents - Early Morning ( Water Lily / Freesia / Bergamot )

Sisu Scents - After Hours ( Bergamot / Peony / Patchouli )

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