How To Incorporate Scents Into Your Daily Routine

How To Incorporate Scents Into Your Daily Routine

After such a tumultuous year, self-care has never been more important. Self-care helps us take care of our body and mind, as well as helping us wind down from busy days out. Our routines never seem complete without incorporating scents - so we’ve put together a list of the best times to incorporate the warming aromas of sisu scents candles into your daily routine, for the ultimate act of self-love

Practice Restful Thinking

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The act of meditation can be difficult to master, so without adding the pressure of mastering the skill of meditation, we like to call it restful thinking. It’s any time you intentionally sit with your thoughts and think with clarity about the day, or the future. It’s taking time to think without negativity, or anxiety. This is the perfect space to introduce scents - our ‘Inhale Exhale’ candle is a grounding aroma that helps you align your thoughts and exhale negativity. The benefit of utilising scents within such a calming practice, is that from then on, any time you smell the candles aromas, your mind will be transported back to the serene sensation of restful thinking. Taking time to sit with your thoughts is the ultimate act of self-love. We often make time to listen to others, but make sure you are making the same amount of time to listen to yourself.

Take a bath or shower

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Hands down, the best way to practice self-care is by literally washing the stressors away with a calming bath or steam shower. Such a simple act can bring with it mental focus and a sense of serenity to carry with you throughout the rest of your day. The steamy air in the bathroom makes the perfect environment for incorporating scents. For the ultimate spa experience, light the sisu scents ‘Good Night’ candle. Its calming scent encourages feelings of serenity using soft musky scents of dewy fig and almond flower. The scents will intertwine with the steamy air to create an aroma filled space for you to relax.

Clean your space

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Trying to relax in a chaotic space is nearly impossible. Setting aside time to clean takes a weight off as you move throughout your space during the week. It may seem like a chore - but that’s only because you treat it like one. Instead of thinking of cleaning as a task for your to do list, treat it as an act of self-love. Light the ‘Early Morning’ candle, and as the air is filled with bright and aromatic scents, dance through your space and clear it to make space for future you’s social plans, alone time and productive work. You’ll thank yourself later.


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Even if you’re not into strenuous exercise, it’s important to move and stretch throughout the week let positive energy move throughout your body. A good stretch session is made perfect when paired with the ‘Inhale Exhale’ sisu scent - the grounding aroma will help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety and provide a relaxing energy to help your body reset. Lighting a candle during your stretching time will help sooth the nerves and reduce tension - both mentally and physically. Bergamot especially is known for having an enlivening effect on our mood, making the ‘after hours’ scent perfect for times when your energy levels need a little boost.

Using aromatherapy during these small acts of self-care throughout your daily routine will over time enliven your senses and provide you with a new lease of life - where you look forward to the small things and appreciate the simple acts of relaxing, moving and clearing space for the future.

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