How to get good vibes when you are feeling low?

How to get good vibes when you are feeling low?

It's inevitable to feel low from time to time, just like the weather, there are rainbows and sunshine, and there are storms and rainy days. The good news is we can still learn to dance in the rain and do something about it to make us feel better.

Here are some practical tips to boost your mood when you are not feeling the best about yourself.


Practice Yoga

Your body state directly affects your mood. When your body is tensed and stiff, your mind reflects the same. They are interrelated. Just search on Youtube for "feel good yoga", you can access countless videos that can lift your mood as fast as 15 minutes. Yoga brings us calmness and mindfulness holistically. When you stretch and relax your body, you feel better about yourself. 

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Eat good food

Who doesn't enjoy the pure joy brought by delicious food? Get yourself some healthy and nourishing dishes. Savor each bite. As Thich Nhat Hanh mentioned in his book "Peace Is Every Step," "You can see everything in the universe in one tangerine. When you peel it and smell it, it's wonderful. You can take your time eating a tangerine and be very happy." Eating can be a meditative practice.


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Get some sunlight

Sometimes, we underestimate how much time we spend indoors due to our sedentary lifestyle. Simply by having a walk for a cup of coffee, you will find your mood shifts as you expose yourself to some sunlight. 

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Read inspiring and motivational books

Words are magic. It shapes our thought and evokes our emotions. Immerse yourself into different styles of motivational and inspirational books. They fuel your souls and expand your thinking.


Surround yourself with inspiring friends

Friends with good vibes bring you happiness and inspiration. They help you grow and support you on your journey to chase your dream. Friends who share the same goals as you are precious. Spend more time with them as you will find the synergy effect from your friendships.


Improve your environment

Clean your house. Buy some flowers or add a plant to decorate your space—light a candle with an uplifting scent. (We'll definitely suggest our sisu scents candles. Pick one from our essential collection!) Make your place neat and cozy that you enjoy spending time there. 



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