From Our Hearts, To Yours: Introducing The Little Celebration Collection

From Our Hearts, To Yours: Introducing The Little Celebration Collection

Life is full of little moments. The ones that we pass by without thought and the ones that change us forever. They're why we do what we do, and they're what inspired this new collection. The Little Celebration is a line of luxury candles that celebrates those lovely little moments in life.




Our Mission: To Remind You Of The Big Impacts Made By Life's Little Celebrations

Our mission with this limited-time collection is to remind you of the big impacts that are made by life's little celebrations.

The world is full of small things to be grateful for, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how much they mean. The Little Celebration Collection celebrates those special moments in life where we can make a difference with very little effort - for ourselves and the world. We hope that with these products, you'll find new ways to be present and celebrate every moment of your life.


What It Means To Celebrate The Little Things

As it turns out, celebrating the big moments in life isn't always as fun or exciting as we might think. When you get down to it, it's those tiny moments in life that often make us happiest—the ones that sneak up on us and hit us out of nowhere, but leave a lasting impression nonetheless.

The Little Celebration Collection was inspired by these sweet moments and experiences that make up our daily lives: a gentle breeze as you walk through a field of wildflowers (The Magic); hearing your favorite song playing on the radio during your morning commute (Dancing In The Room); catching yourself smiling at nothing at all…(Beautiful Whisper)

It's easy to get caught up in planning for those major events—like getting married or buying a house—because they're exciting and require so much thought and effort. But don't forget about the small things. You don't have to be perfect to celebrate yourself. The little things add up over time and help make life worth living; they're what give our days meaning, which means they deserve celebration too.


The Materials: Prioritizing Your Health With Clean Burning Candles

  • We believe in prioritizing your health, so we made our candles clean burning.
  • Coconut-soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin or vegetable oils.
  • Our candles does not contain phthalates (used in plastics), lead, dyes, petroleum distillates or formaldehyde—none of which you want inside a candle when you're trying to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life.

The Perfect Luxury Gift For Any Occasion

The Little Celebration Collection is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, holiday, graduation or wedding; giving a special thank you to a loved one; or welcoming a new baby into the world—we have something that will make them smile and feel loved. 

Remember, these gifts are for the little moments too. Don't forget to give them as a celebration of life. That's what matters most. 


From Our Hearts, To Yours. We Hope You Enjoy This New Collection As Much As We Enjoyed Making It.

With The Little Celebration Collection, we wanted to create a line of products that was more than just beautiful—it was an experience. The scents are made with the finest ingredients and crafted with care. We hope this collection will awaken in you the spirit of self-love, reminding you how amazing and deserving you are of all the good things life has to offer!

Let’s Stay Connected

We hope that you've found our story and the products we've created to be at least a little bit inspiring. The Little Celebration Collection was born out of a desire to connect with others by sharing the things we love, but also as a way to encourage others to truly appreciate themselves in the now. We believe that every object should have a story behind it, so everything we make is made with care and love in Toronto, Canada by an excellent team of artisans who are dedicated to making each item perfect for its purpose.

Each product has been carefully crafted for use in celebrations both big and small—no matter how big or small your celebration may be! So whether you're celebrating something special with family or friends, or just want something pretty on your desk or shelf, we hope these pieces add some sparkle into your everyday life.

Be sure to let us know what kind of special occasion you'll be using our products for by tagging @sisuscents on Instagram!

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