Energy shifting rituals when you feel unmotivated

Energy shifting rituals when you feel unmotivated

It’s all about changing the small things. Small shifts in your routine can have big impact on your energy. There are many factors that play a part in our energy levels - those being physical, emotional and spiritual. When you’re looking for a feeling of rejuvenation , but are instead met with a lack of motivation - give these energy-shifting rituals a go and feel the weight lifted.

When trying to shift your energy into the positive, first think about ways you can adjust it physically. If you’re in the mood to get up and go, try talking yourself for a walk or light jog. Not only will the fresh air do you good, but the physical exercise will help release endorphins - making you happy. Not to mention, a bit of daily exercise is essential for maintaining your health - a healthy body is more likely to be accompanied by a healthy mind. You may be using energy on a walk - but it surprisingly has the opposite effect and also boosts your energy levels. It can often be difficult to get yourself out the door to go for a walk, so we’ve been lighting our ‘Early Morning’ scent, which has notes of water lily, freesia and bergamot, to wake up our senses in the AM and help get ready to move our body.


On the opposite end of the scale, sometimes the best thing we can do to shift negative energy is rest. A focus-boosting 20-minute-power-nap can be a quick fix during the day when you need an extra pep in your step. Intellectual work and creative thinking can drain your energy during the day, so taking these power naps could turn out to be a total game-changer. When taking time to relax, think about lighting a candle to add in the extra element of aromatherapy. It will enhance your mood whilst calming your senses and allowing you to settle into a chilled-out state. Since lighting candles before drifting off to sleep could be a bit of a safety hazard, we like to light candles when we wake from our naps. The ‘Fresh Focus’ candle, with notes of lime, Sicilian lemon, royal jasmine and lemon flower is a refreshing scent to help revitalize your senses again after a power nap - give it a go for the ultimate energy boost.

Sometimes we need help from others to help shift our energy. Talking to a friend in person or over the phone can do wonders for your mental health. We all need to feel a connection to others, not only for our own happiness, but for survival. One of the best ways to up your energy level is by having a good conversation with someone else - or if you’re up for it, actually going out and spending time at a restaurant or club. We all need to have a social circle, so make sure you find one that brings you joy and invests time into making it a place of comfort and good energy. We love curating our home to be a welcoming and positive space to invite our friends over to. We love taking time to play a game or simply chat to build more of a connection. When creating an ambient space, we love lighting our “After Hours” scent. It’s the ideal fragrance for helping everyone unwind after a day at work. It makes our social space feel welcoming and comfortable, thanks to the warming notes of bergamot, peony and patchouli.

When it comes to shifting energy in a spiritual way, meditation always comes to mind. Through the simple act of meditation, we can take time ourselves to clear our minds of negative energy and focus on the present. Concentrating your energy on the now can increase the amount of energy you actually feel - as you will no longer be spreading it over the past and future too. Meditation is a wonderful (and free) tool that helps alleviate stress, boost happiness and bring you a moment of peace during a busy day. It’s great because you can do it anywhere, but when meditating from home, we love to set up a comfortable and relaxing space in which to unwind. By lighting our ‘Inhale Exhale’ candle, any space can be turned into a room of zen. Take a breath in and exhale a few times fully until you feel calm and relaxed. It has notes of Palo Santo, sandalwood, sage and smoky vetiver - a comforting and grounding blend that will help shift negative energy.


We hope these tips will help you next time you need to shift some negative energy and step into a more positive frame of mind.

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