6 practical tips to love yourself

6 practical tips to love yourself

When you genuinely love yourself, you no longer feel insecure about yourself. You accept your own flaws, and love them as much as your strengths. You love your own authenticity. You remove your self-imposed limits and live in a great abundance. In the end, you learn about loving others is more or less the same as loving yourself.


Cultivate Awareness

When we talk about self-love, we may think we love ourselves enough at first thought. If you think deeply, do you really love yourself as much as you think? How do you treat your body on day to day basis? Do you nourish yourself with proper nutrition? Do you belittle yourself with words and thoughts? 

Evaluate your daily actions and thoughts. You may find out areas to love yourself better.


Appreciate yourself with words

 Convert your false belief about yourself into words that release yourself from self-sabotage and mental blocks. Practice affirmations daily to make positive thoughts stick. Acknowledge yourself for every small success you achieved. Be your own cheerleader!


Pamper yourself with gifts

You don't need to pamper yourself all the time with luxurious goods. You can start with a DIY project, a calming self-care kit, a new hobby, or a fresh experience.


Take care of your body

 Eat nutritious food. Sleep early. Keep yourself hydrated. Work out a few times every week. You hear these a lot, but make sure you try your best to do as much as possible.

Don't forget to be aware of your emotions and mental well-being as well. Pay attention to your worries and stress. Are they too overwhelming? 


Spend quality time with yourself

Shower yourself with an abundance of sunlight and fresh air. We all know that these are essential to a plant. Sometimes, we might forget to give ourselves time to immerse into nature. Make time to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset. Watch some good movies and read books that you like. They are food for our souls.


Giving acts of service

Some tasks like cleaning up our home, adopting a healthy habit, and learning a new skill, we may procrastinate to do them. Start doing these tasks as an act of service to ourselves. 

We know decluttering our space can create a more comfortable space for our body and soul to live in. Invest in our health and mind by adopting a healthy habit and learning a new skill. Make the best effort to serve yourself with the best experience in life. 



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