2022 Valentine's day Gift Guide

2022 Valentine's day Gift Guide

We are the advocates of every day could be valentine's day if we are fully in love. That said, it's also a bonus to give and receive gifts on Valentine's day!

When we designed our candles, from the packaging to the fragrance, we always wanted them to be gender-neutral as we believe that minimalistic design is for everyone. We hope our candles will be thoughtful gifts for our beloved ones.

If you are starting to think about how to "speak" our love through presents on this valentine's day or any day you want, we have prepared this little gift guide to help you choose the right scent for your beloved one!


For the Minimalist

From the first look at Sisu Scents, you know we are minimalists at heart! Our whole collection is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic. If you ask us which only one scent you should pick for the minimalist, we would definitely recommend our best-seller, "Inhale Exhale." From our unofficial observation, we tend to find minimalist lovers are fans of woody notes.


For the Entrepreneur

If your significant other is ambitious and passionate about building businesses, "Fresh Focus" is the right scent for them! Cups and cups of coffee might be the way to stay awake. It's also pleasant to work with an aroma of refreshing and energizing notes that clear their minds and boost productivity.


For the Homebody

Homebodies enjoy spending time quietly at home as they believe home is the coziest place on earth. After Hours is a mellow and musky scent, inspired by what a cozy home should be. This scent of pure comfort is definitely a great pick for homebodies.


For the Optimist

Early Morning is a scent that embodies optimism and inspiration symbolized by the first rays of sunlight brightening up your room in the early morning. If your optimistic significant other is just like the sun brightening up your life, this is the perfect scent for them! 

For the Thinker

Thinkers are motivated by endeavors that increase their knowledge and enjoy intellectual stimulation. Inhale Exhale is a subtle and grounding aroma that symbolizes a stable and clear mind, making it a perfect gift for your highly logical and intellectual beloved one.


For the Artist

An artistic individual appreciates beauty and imagination. They are creative and empathetic. If this sounds like your significant other,  

Good Night is the right scent for them! Good Night is a sweet floral scent of dewy fig and almond flowers, resembling the soft lullaby that accompanied them to a world of imaginative dreams at night.


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