10 Affirmations to manifest a positive future

10 Affirmations to manifest a positive future

We can often underestimate our power to change the future. The change doesn't need to be significant. Even the most minor positive impact is changing the world for the better. If we take time to manifest good in the small space that surrounds us, we have the power to at least change the future of ourselves and those closest to us.

As we approach the winter months, it can be a time that feels colder both physically and emotionally - so let's change that. By incorporating the following 10 positive affirmations into your weekly routine, you will give yourself the power to change your future into a positive one - and at the very least, you'll be taking a bit of time each week to look inward and project positivity outward.

Repeat after me:

1. I am confident that I have a positive future ahead of me
2. I already have everything I need to be successful
3. I have the power to achieve my goals
4. I believe in myself and my power to make the right decisions
5. I let go of things that do not serve me
6. I surround myself with things that are good for me
7. Today, I am full of energy and deserving of joy
8. I have the courage to stand up for myself and others
9. I have the power to let go of negative habits and embrace positive ones.
10. My future is bright and is watching me grow

So, what are the benefits of repeating these affirmations regularly?

Positive thinking is sometimes not enough - when we take those thoughts a step further and speak them aloud, we give them even more power to influence our minds and bodies. I've often heard the saying "the words you speak become the home you live in" - and that quote couldn't be more accurate. The people we surround ourselves with to feel good and the places we feel our happiest are obvious to us - but we can often be stuck with our thoughts for extended periods of time before we realize they are negatively impacting our lives. By speaking positive affirmations, we seek to cancel out the negative thoughts through the art of repetition. We can tell ourselves lovely things until we believe them, and once we believe them, we are one step closer to making that thought a reality.

In a world with so much negativity, I think we owe it to ourselves and those we surround ourselves with to be as positive as possible and take action so we can lead a life of joy and positive achievements. Rather than living in a repetitive state of wishing and dreaming - let's start taking action to turn those dreams into reality.

To make the most of your positive affirmations, how about making it into a routine? We love taking time out of our week to light a candle (our favorite for manifesting is the light and relaxing 'Inhale Exhale' scent) and look into a mirror or out to nature to recite our affirmations.

Give it a try for 10 days and see if you can feel the uplifting energy of positive affirmations.

If you'd like to try the ritual with our sisu scent candle, you can try it with our "Inhale Exhale" candle. It has woody notes of Palo Santo and sandalwood balanced with a touch of sage and smokey vetiver. Soak yourself into this subtle and grounding aroma. Inhale peace and exhale negativity.


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