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Picks for Summer Love

kind words from our customers

I got the After Hour scent, definitely my cup of tea. It's a little sweet and musky with a floral undertone. You can smell the lovely scent without even having to burn it! It's soothing and, just as it's described, perfect after a long day of work. The candle jar (and the packaging) has a simplistic yet elegant design, will surely keep it for upcycling.


kind words from our customers

This candle is incredible - the packaging is so chic and so cute and very minimal. I love the inhale exhale sent I got because the Palo Santo and sandalwood really complement each other!! The candle is strong, fills the room very quickly, and lasts for a long time. This is a great gift for someone special in your life!!

Sharika Hegde

kind words from our customers

This scented candle makes miserable early mornings less painful. Smells very pleasant and calming, and the scent is nicely subtle, not overpowering like some other candles I've tried before. And it looks great, awesome aesthetic. Shipping was very fast and the box also came packed in bubble wrap. Highly recommend!!


kind words from our customers

This candle is fantastic, the Good Night scent is very soothing and lasts well after it has burned. The design is very clean and elegant, and the candle burns very nicely. Would highly recommend as a very thoughtful gift!

Jeanette H.

Cruelty-free, vegan, and free from toxins.


Thoughtfully made glass jars from the USA